Wow, I guess that was fast to catch :)

David, I will put this back today, I have it in the Sandbox page
stored to see how to organize it. I'm planning to put an entry in the
faq and I need to put a section with some kind of an index in the
homepage with a list of available resources or wiki organization. The
Q&A page will probably be integrated into the faq.

Note that there are several pages created with the vxl- prefix (these
can be viewed by clicking the Index link in the top-right corner of
the wiki).

I will send another mail to this list with more information when I finish this.


Oh I didn't realize you had just changed it haha. It had been several weeks since I'd looked at the page and I was just surprised when I couldn't find it. Take your time with it - I'd rather it be organized well than rushed. Also, it's not really a Q&A, its just examples - so the title should probably be changed. I had intended to do something like "How do I intersect a line with a plane?" but it didn't get that far... it might be better without that anyway.