Worked beautifully, thanks for the quick reply! I actually just put that code in the file that I need to do this. Is that ok? I'm always hesitant to put anything in the actual vxl directory because then if I rebuild vxl (on a different computer, or I format, etc) it will stop working. Is it a bad idea to put this in a normal cpp file of mine? Or if I get that file working could I commit it to vxl? How would I go about getting write access?



On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Peter Vanroose <> wrote:

The particular templated function has to be instantiated before this will work.
Have a look at the template instantiation files in core/vnl/io/Templates/ for examples.
If I'm not mistaken, adding a file with the following content into that directory should do the trick:

#include <vsl/vsl_vector_io.txx>
#include <vnl/io/vnl_io_matrix_fixed.txx>

Preferably call that file vnl_io_matrix_fixed+double.3.3-.cxx

--      Peter.


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