Hi friends,
It is not a problem now.
I've succeed in playing video from my USB web camera by importing highgui of OpenCV now.
Maybe when vidl2 is OK, we can back to it. But it is very convenient to visit cameras by OpenCV. I hope that vidl2 will be more convenient and powerful.
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06-1-25Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva <miguelf@msu.edu> д

Currently, I don't know much about code to grab images in vxl. vidl can
read video from file, but there is a vidl2 developement going on in
contrib/brl/bbas/vidl2 that is intended to handle live video feeds (usb
camera, firewire, etc.) as well as video from file. However, it is in
it's early developement and, particularly, the live camera code is still
under developement. There is other code like the cmu1394 support in vvid
that you could take a look at.

I would suggest visiting the package documentation and browsing for a
while to familiarize yourself with what is available at:


You can use the first link to search the packages. But again, what you
are looking for is on-going work being consolidated and developed in vidl2.


ܲ wrote:
> Hi, Jurgen
> I failed to understand your meaning. I can use vidl lib to play avi
> under window xp. Could you offer me some hints about visit USB camera
> from VXL?
> Best Regards,
> JJCao
> 2006/1/24, Jurgen Depicker <jurgen.lists@gmail.com
> <mailto: jurgen.lists@gmail.com>>:
>     Hi,
>     I intend to do the same, but am still struggling to get the
>     compilation of VXL working completely - at present it breaks at
>     'vidl'.  (linux FC4).
>     Jurgen.
>     2006/1/23, ܲ <jjcao1231@gmail.com <mailto:jjcao1231@gmail.com>>:
>      > Hi friends,
>      >
>      > I intend to get image of video from a common USB camera installed on
>      > my PC (window XP) by VXL. Where shoud I begin? (Except the camera, I
>      > have nothing such as, API of the camera)
>      > OpenCV has an example of the whole process? Is there anyone?
>      >
>      > Thanks,
>      >
>      > Best regards,
>      >
>      > JJCao