I failed to compile vgui.lib with VGUI_USE_QT=on.(QT version: 4.1.0) Some files needed by VGUI are not exist, such as qpopupmenu.h
Is there any support for this?
Environment: .Net 2003 installed in my personal PC.

OS name and version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, version: 2002,
Service Pack 2
CPU: Celeron(R) 2.40GHz;   Memory: 512M
VXL version: 1.4.0
QT version: 4.1.0
CMake version: 2.2 - patch 3 (I did not modify default setting.)

2006/1/25, ܲ <jjcao1231@gmail.com>:
Roland Goecke,

I also intend to combine VXL and QT. But I've something else to do first. Could you offer any help on this topic if you've made some progress?

Best Regards,