The problems with vnl_vector and so were for not including libvnl, however I still have problems with vnl_symmetric_eigensystem (which I don't use directly).

Is that an instantiation problem too?


2010/3/23 Adri Vernetta <>

I suppose this happens in other cases too, because I have now undefined references for other classes like vnl_vector. I will see what is better for me to correct it (getting everything to double or instantiate everything).


2010/3/23 Peter Vanroose <>

There's only an instantiation for vgl_line_2d_regression<double>, so if you are using e.g. vgl_line_2d_regression<float> you'll have to instantiate.
Just copy core/vgl/algo/Templates/vgl_line_2d_regression+double-.cxx to core/vgl/algo/Templates/vgl_line_2d_regression+float-.cxx, change "double" by "float" inside the file, then re-run CMake and make.

Alternatively replace #include <vgl/algo/vgl_line_2d_regression.h> by #include <vgl/algo/vgl_line_2d_regression.txx> in your application.

-- Peter.

--- Den tis 2010-03-23 skrev Adri Vernetta <>:

Från: Adri Vernetta <>
Ämne: [Vxl-users] vgl_line_2d_regression issue
Till: "Vxl-Users" <>
Datum: tisdag 23 mars 2010 10.19


I'm trying to use the vgl_line_2d_regression class but when linking it doesn't find the references relating to it.

I'm including the libvgl and libvgl_algo to the Libs (and with all the libvil references it works).

Is vgl_line_2d_regression not anymore inside libvgl_algo?


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