Hi Eva,

I have only vague memories of coming across similar problems before. It might be a  problem with the graphics drivers on your machine. Do you have the correct hardware drivers installed? - I'm just guessing here, it could be something else entirely.



On 30/06/07, Amitha Perera <amithaperera@users.sourceforge.net > wrote:
On Thu 28 Jun 2007, Eva Cernadas García wrote:
> I have compiled and linked vxl-1.8 without errors. But, when I run the
> examples of ~/core/vgui/examples, the vxl program does not load the
> image and give the mesage:
> vgui : registered 'qt'
> vgui : initialize 'qt'
> vgui_qt_adaptor: no direct rendering
> My onw programs (which run fine with vxl-1.5) do not load images as
> well.

I'm afraid I don't know much about the Qt implementation.  Can someone
who knows/uses Qt chime in?

To isolate the problem, could you test either the glut or the gtk+
adaptor?  This would involve installing the -dev packages for glut
and/or gtk+.  If you have gtk2, you would also need gtkglext.


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