Hi Matt,

Yes I agree the setup is sub-optimal. Unfortunately I have no time to tinker with it. I've CC'ed this to Christoph, so if he has time it might happen. Similarly with the compatibility layer question - I've no intention at this stage to change to native qt4 (no time I'm afraid), but I'd be very happy if someone else does.

On 17/05/07, Matt Leotta <matt.leotta@gmail.com> wrote:

  Thank you to you and your student for providing this code.  I've
been able to get it to build successfully on Kubuntu Linux 7.04
(feisty).  I had some trouble with CMake initially and ultimately had
to remove my CMakeCache.txt and do a fresh build.  But it does work
for me.  Here are some comments on my experience:

The CMake options are a bit confusing.  VGUI_USE_QT means use qt3 and
VGUI_USE_QT4 means replace qt3 with qt4 only if VGUI_USE_QT is
enabled.  There is also a DESIRED_QT_VERSION variable that must be set
to 3 or 4.  In contrast, VGUI_USE_GTK means use gtk1 and VGUI_USE_GTK2
mean use gtk2.  Only one of VGUI_USE_GTK and VGUI_USE_GTK2 can be
enabled.  It seems like the CMake variables for selecting gtk and qt
versions should work the same way.  To be fair, I'm sure some of this
related to the design of the FindQt module in CMake.

Currently I'm building vgui with both gtk2 and qt4.  All vgui
executable seg fault when run with gtk2 (the default).  They work fine
with the "--factory=qt" command line argument.  I've been unable to
figure out why, but everything works fine when vgui is built with only

It looks likes the qt4 implementation was ported from the qt3
implementation in vgui.  In fact, it mostly uses a qt3 compatibility
layer in qt4.  As a result, it still looks and feels a lot like the
old qt3 version.  Are there plans to update this code to use the real
qt4 interface?  I might be willing to help out a little in the
development or at least the testing of such an effort.  I have little
free time and no experience with Qt programming, but it would sure be
nice to have true qt4 implementation in vgui and I'll make an effort
to help.

Finally, I've enabled this in my dashboard build, so it should show up
tomorrow on the dashboard in the build:   lems.brown.edu --

--Matt Leotta

On 5/15/07, Brendan McCane <brendan.mccane@gmail.com> wrote:
> G'day Maintainers,
> I've added a qt4 implementation to vgui (kindly provided by Christoph John,
> a postgrad student here at Otago). I put it directly in the core, because no
> other place seemed appropriate. It's been tested on Windows and Linux and
> seems to work OK, but more testing would be welcome I think. Try it out if
> you're inclined.
> --
> Cheers,
> Brendan
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