Hi all,

I'm making a GUI in Qt that uses the vgui_qt_adaptor as a widget in MDI windows
so every MDI window gets its own qt_adaptor widget

in this widgets I use the rubberband tableau to be able to draw some lines,
now something strange happens when I try to draw lines in the right (second) window of my MDI (QWorkSpace),
when I start to draw the first line everything runs like it should, but the moment I try the second line it doesn't
"rubberband" (follow my mouse pointer) in the second window but instead it does so in the first (the left window),
but the moment I click the second time (to actually draw the finite line) it does appear in the right window

I checked the vgui_rubberband_tableau class and it seems to me that in the method

//: Render the finite line between the given points.
void vgui_rubberband_tableau::draw_line(float x0, float y0, float x1, float y1)

  glVertex2f(x0, y0);
  glVertex2f(x1, y1);

something is going wrong... cause it's here that the "rubberbanding"-line is being drawn every time.

Could it be that OpenGL receives the wrong adaptor (canvas) to draw on only the second time I do this?

TIA for any answer

Rowin Heymans