Hi, all,
 There is something wrong when I try to compile the VXL (version 1.14.0). The compiler is Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 and the OS is Microsoft Windows 8. 
There are many errors C1189 and warnings C4496, and the details are below.

error C1189: #error :  The C++ Standard Library forbids macroizing keywords. Enable warning C4005 to find the forbidden macro. D:\Program Files\VS2013\VC\include\xkeycheck.h 250 1 vcl
warning C4996: 'fopen': This function or variable may be unsafe. Consider using fopen_s instead. To disable deprecation, use _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS. See online help for details. E:\DataCenter\joezhao\vxl-1.14.0\vxl-1.14.0\v3p\rply\rply.c 372 1 rply

 I paste part of the result, and I have tried to solve it for several times without effects. I would be very grateful if  you can help me.

With kind regards,
Joe Zhao 
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