Then what about the compiler error you mentioned in your mails. Is it fixed? I have no Mac machine and cannot replicate your errors. I notice the Mac-lang builds on VXL dashboard are OK. Is there any difference between the checkouted source and exported source?

Lianqing Yu 
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> Subject: Re: [Vxl-maintainers] [Vxl-users] VXL 1.17.0 Release Candicate 2 is available
> Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 19:08:52 -0400
> On Sat, 9 Jun 2012 06:58:05 +0800, YULianqing said:
> >Hi Gehua and Sean, First of all, thanks for Gehua's help. Does Gehua's
> >method fix your issue, Sean? I notice there are two submissions from
> >Rogue Research and both of them are error-free.
> Yes, because I've disabled those warnings.
> >If Gehua's method works, do you think it's necessary to submit a
> >patch to vxl repository for this issue?
> I believe the ITK folks have fixed these warnings. Has anyone looked ITK's version of vxl? There are likely many useful fixes to merge.
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