We only distribute VXL in source code form, not in binary form. There is an article on how to build VXL using CMake at vxl.sourceforge.net, and I believe it may be helpful to you. Please follow the instructions there and feel free to give us exact build output information if you have any trouble in building the package.
> From: AMelacini@slb.com
> To: vxl-users@lists.sourceforge.net
> Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 11:09:34 +0000
> Subject: [Vxl-users] pre-built VXL on VS2012
> Dear All
> I'm porting the application I'm working on from Visual Studio 2010 to Visual Studio 2012.
> As it happens, the software depends on VXL (version 1.14) and I wonder if there's already a pre-built version for VS2012 (ideally 1.17)
> Failing that, I wonder if anyone using CMAKE can (easily) generate .sln and.vcproj (so I can build with VS2012).
> If this is not feasible, I have to download and install CMAKE. Once I am done, can anybody give me simple instructions on how to build VXL with it?
> Regards, Alberto
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