I need somme help to use vxl librairies with borland builder 5.0
I work on a Packard Bell computer with a 1.4GHz AMD Athlon processor with XP home SP1
the compiler is bcc32 version 5.5
I downloaded VXL on sourforge.net 2 month ago, in may 2004, version
I use Cmake 2.0 to build the libraries.
Cmake build all the libraries but there are a lot of errors in CmakeError.log  and certain test program failed. I try to use some of this libraries to compute Fmatrix (mvl) with match points and errors appears when functions as Monte_Carlo have to copy vcl_vector< HomgPoint2D > or vcl_vector.
The CMakeCache.txt, the CMakeOutput.log and CmakeError.log are joined.
Thanks for help.

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