sure, there are a number of us that are playing videos using vidl.
the avi reader only works in windows, though.
the mpeg reader  in vidl IS multi platform and works AOK.
however, as the doc says, it is pretty rough. you have
to write a callback to make it work.
if you look at vxl/contrib/gel/jvid
you will see there a working example of a video player
that uses this mpeg codec.
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Hi all!!

I am working on a multi-platform application that requires video playing and I am looking for a multi-platform video player in C++, and reading through the VXL documentation, I have discovered a sublibrary called "vidl" that apparently reads video. In the documentation it says that the MPEG part is not mature yet. The questions are:

Have any of you guys ever used "vidl" for reading video? Does it work OK?

In case you hadn't... do you have any contact (developer) that I can contact in order to answer my questions?

Thanks and cheers!!