You might be able to use CABLE ( to generate the MATLAB
wrappers for vxl. 
CABLE is being developed to provide ITK with Tcl (and hopefully Python, Java, etc.) bindings.
CABLE is more sophisticated than tools like SWIG because it can understand templated code.
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Did someone mention matlab?


Currently I work almost entirely within matlab, but most of my processing and algorithms are written in vxl.  So I can do things like this:


>> % load an image using vil

>> im = vil_loadimage( “animage.bmp” );

>> % run a harris corner detector on it

>> corners = vsl_harris( im );


What makes this worthwhile and really fun is that I now have command-line vxl.  In general, CV involves a sequence of calls to algorithms which are themselves rather processing-intensive.  That’s why we code in C(++).  But research (hacking) dictates that we might want to see what is going on between the function calls:


>> % display image and check that the harris has worked correctly

>> image(im);

>> plot(corners(:,1), corners(:,2), ‘.’);


For the matlab enthusiasts, I probably don’t need to preach the benefits of this type of thing.  For non-matlab lovers, I don’t imagine I’ll every persuade anyone.


As a further taster:


>> % edge detect the image

>> edges = vsl_canny( im )

>> % transform all the edges using matlab calls (.m functions)

>> for i=1:length(edges);edges{i} = transform_edge( edges{i}); end

>> % display edges

>> hold on;

>> for i=1:length(edges);plot_edge(edges{i},’r’);end


I’ve coded interfaces for most of vnl (including things like vnl_levenberg_marquardt, which is faster than the matlab native minimizer), vsl and vil.  It’s very easy.  How about an agenda item on this, and the possibility of future releases of vxl including a toolbox for matlab?  This would probably sell vxl better than just about anything else…







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Karen requested several new items so here is the next iteration



Revised agenda:


8:30 AM   Dial in

8:30 AM   Introductions (Brief review of each person’s interest in/use of VXL)

8:45 AM   VIL(MIL) - Ian Scott/Andrew Fitzgibbon

10:30 AM VNL issues (Perhaps Bill Hoffman would dial in at this point)

11:00 AM Library Promotion

                    VGUI (Perhaps Karen McGaul will dial in here)

                    Manchester Libraries


11:45 AM Is Oxford’s XCV interface to MatLab of general interest?

12:00 PM Lunch

  1:00 PM Discussion on VIDL codec plans

  1:15 PM Image Processing (AWFIPL?)

  2:00 PM Plans for V1.0 (Testing, Doc etc)

  3:00 PM Relation to ITK/VTK (Perhaps Bill Lorensen or Jim Miller would dial in here)






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