Currently vidl2 works only with very old versions of FFMPEG.  I think the most recent version known to work comes from svn -r11322, which is from about a year ago.  I haven't had time to update it, and don't foresee any available time in the near future.  Do you know what svn version you have?

  I think Amitha Perera is working on bringing a copy of FFMPEG into v3p so that we will always have a version that works with VXL available.  The plan is to have a stable version in v3p and also support a "head" version that we will try to keep up to date with current FFMPEG, at least to the extent that we have time for.  However, this won't happen any time soon.

  The vidl2_ffmpeg_ostream_params structure was just a dump of all the parameters found in FFMPEG (probably a few years ago).  I'm not an expert and I don't know what most of them do.  The idea was that anyone who does know what they do can set them and get the full functionality of FFMPEG.  Most of these parameters are not used by anyone that I know of.  What is the rtp_mode for?  Would it be critical for anyone running an old version of FFMPEG?  Is this the only thing preventing the code from compiling with a newer version of FFMPEG?  If removing rtp_mode will make it compile, and nobody sees a reason it might be needed in old FFMPEG versions, then I will just take it out.


On Oct 23, 2008, at 10:35 AM, Crístian Viana wrote:


I was compiling VXL (again) and I noticed that the files contrib/brl/bbas/vidl2/vidl2_ffmpeg_ostream_v[1,2].txx use the field AVCodecContext.rtp_mode, from FFmpeg. This field was deprecated for some time, and since last year it's beem removed from the repository code. I'm aware of the discussion about the FFmpeg continuous API changes, but the rtp_mode field it's not even used in VXL! I did a grep on all the files, and only those two files mention rtp_mode, and they only set its value to 1. The field is deprecated and no file is really using it, so why keep these lines?

video_enc->rtp_mode= 1;

The downside of having them is because VXL may not compile, if the FFmpeg version is [not so] recent.

See ya!

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