VXL Maintainers:

I'm getting a few VXL build errors like the one below.  This is the
first of about four similar ones.  I'm stumped as to why I get these
errors on my local build but they don't show up on the dashboard.
Does anyone know why this might happen?

[ 90%] Building CXX object contrib/gel/mrc/vpgl/algo/CMakeFiles/vpgl_algo.dir/vpgl_camera_compute.obj
D:\home\wheeler\dev\vxl_src\contrib\gel\mrc\vpgl\algo\vpgl_camera_compute.cxx(25) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'bgeo/bgeo_lvcs.h': No such file or directory

contrib/gel/mrc/vpgl/algo/vpgl_camera_compute.cxx #includes
bgeo/bgeo_lvcs.h.  It seems to me that when
vpgl_camera_compute.cxx is compiled, the compiler would not know how
to find bgeo/bgeo_lvcs.h.  The reason would be that
contrib/gel/mrc/vpgl/algo/CMakeLists.txt is visited by CMake before
contrib/brl/CMakeLists.txt, so BRL_INCLUDE_DIR is not yet defined when
it is used in contrib/gel/mrc/vpgl/algo/CMakeLists.txt.

Am I misunderstanding something?  Is CMake run twice by all dashboard
builds?  I know my nightly dashboard builds are set up to wipe the
build dir each time, so it would not be possible to "remember"
BRL_INCLUDE_DIR via the cache.  I'm using cmake 2.4 under win2k.
Any ideas?