I assume since Joe is ok with the change then he's okay with how this will impact the BRL contrib folder.  Joe, is that a safe assumption?

I observe that in the current public vxl source code, there are direct dependencies on vidl1 in the following three libraries:
contrib/gel/vgel  (vgel_kl: interface to Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi point tracker)

This one I am less sure of.  However, if it is being used the it would certainly benefit from being ported to vidl as it will then reap the benefits of any new file formats or video interfaces that get developed.

(Some, but *not all* of the code using vidl1 is conditionally compiled with #ifdef HAS_MPEG2; so I'm mainly worried about the parts outside such condition.)
I've not checked indirect dependencies...

 From a code maintenance standpoint, removing the deprecated vidl1 is the focus.  However, from a licensing standpoint, removing the dependency on the GPL'd libmpeg2 is in my opinion far more important.


Från: Chuck Atkins <>
Till: Vxl-maintainers <>
Skickat: onsdag, 7 december 2011 23:41
Ämne: [Vxl-maintainers] Status of VIDL1

In the spirit of forward progress, I'd like to raise the possibility of excising vidl1.  On Mar. 22 2009, vidl became vidl1 and vidl2 became vidl, thus deprecating vidl1.  That was over 2 1/2 years ago now.  Current development is in vidl and vidl1 is no longer maintained sans the occasional compiler bug fix for missing include files.  There's also a dependency on the mpeg2 library which is GPL licensed.

Are there any objections or even affirmations for the removal of the long since deprecated vidl1 and GPL licensed libmpeg2?

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