I assume you use cmake-gui.

Run CMake. Check the box that says Advanced (upper right). Search for CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS. Modify the line and add "/D_ALLOW_KEYWORD_MACROS". Configure and Generate. Build VXL as usual.

Ho Cheung

On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 8:12 AM, 赵耀 <joeasir0560@outlook.com> wrote:
I've tried the VXL 1.17, but it doesn't work. There are still many same errors as before. As for the other solution : add"/D_ALLOW_KEYWORD_MACROS" to your CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS .    I'm not clear where CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS is. How can I find it, and add"/D_ALLOW_KEYWORD_MACROS".
I'm sorry that I'm a begin-learn, Please don't be anger about my questions.   :-)


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The link that Frank sent has both a short hack-around solution or a more updated comprehensive fix.

In short, either add "/D_ALLOW_KEYWORD_MACROS" to your CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS.

Hope this helps,

Ho Cheung