Hello vxl-users,

Our project includes vul_file.h.

However, there is a problem compiling because on line 120, it uses the VXL_USE_WIN_WCHAR_T CMake variable.

This variable isn't passed from VXL to our CMakeLists.txt, so when our project tries to compile, it complains with the error that:

In file included from /data/FTK/src/farsight/fregl/fregl_pairwise_register.cxx:36:
/data/FTK/src/VXL/core/vul/vul_file.h:120:46: error: operator '&&' has no right operand

Am I missing an obvious way to import CMake cache variables from VXL into my project?

Thanks in advance,

Ho Cheung
Research Assistant
Bio-Image Analytics Lab - University of Houston
Cell: (832) 215-6347