On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 5:09 PM, Joseph Mundy <mundy@lems.brown.edu> wrote:

Dear Maintainers,

Find enclosed new wording for the vxl copyright notice. This wording has been developed by Kitware and is proposed to replace the current TargetJr consortium copyright, which is sorely out of date and no longer relevant.

The wording maintains the spirit of the old TargetJr notice in that the software can be freely distributed without restriction. The main change is to eliminate the mysterious "TargetJr Consortium" and replace the wording with "VXL Contributors."  If no objections are made in a reasonable period of time (one week), the old wording will be replaced and reference to the notice will be inserted in the source .h files.




I'll add that the intent here is to correct the existing license, which we feel is erroneous.  VXL has always been advertised on Sourceforge as having a BSD license.  The current VXL license file contains something not exactly BSD, but close.  Furthermore, neither the TargetJr consortium or the VXL consortium mentioned at various locations in the code are legitimate, incorporated entities.  And no contributors have signed an agreement to transfer their copyright to any such organization.  

This revised license is a standard 3-clause BSD license (http://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause) and attributes copyright to "VXL Contributors".  Well feel that this revised license reflects more accurately what was intended when VXL was founded.  The license of VXL is BSD and copyright is held by the original authors of each file (or their employing institution).  No transfer of copyright occurs by contribution to VXL.

In the near future, we plan to make VXL's licensing more explicit by adding a URL in a comment at the top of each source file that points to the VXL BSD license file hosted on Sourceforge.