The VXL license file (core/vxl_copyright.h) assigns VXL copyright to the TargetJr Consortium (represented by GE CRD).  What I'd like to know is:

Who are the members of this consortium?  
Can I join the consortium?  
Can Kitware, Inc join the consortium?
Can information about the consortium and it's members be made public?

I think the Insight Software Consortium ( used by ITK does a good job of making these things very transparent.  I'm hoping VXL can follow ITK's lead.  ITK is also a good model because the consortium involves many of the same members and ITK has close ties to VXL (via dependency on vnl).

There are other issues with the license file I'd like to address, but let's start with the consortium.

This request is mainly targeted toward maintainers at GE, but maybe some of the other VXL founders will have answer.  Fred, I'm defaulting to you. Can you connect me with someone at GE who knows the answers?