Hi all,

I am compiling the example code from the vxl book dynamically in fedora 10:
#include <vcl_iostream.h>
#include <vxl_config.h>
#include <vil/vil_rgb.h>
#include <vil/vil_load.h>
#include <vil/vil_image_view.h>

int main()
 vil_image_view<vil_rgb<vxl_byte> > img;
 img = vil_load("foo.ppm");
 vcl_cerr << "Pixel 100,100 = " << img(100,100) << vcl_endl;
 return 0;
 g++ -o myL_Image L_Image.cpp -I/home/Risco/Cxx/ComputerVision/VXL/vxl/vcl/ -I/home/Risco/Cxx/ComputerVision/VXL/vxl/vcl/ -I/home/Risco/Cxx/ComputerVision/VXL/vxl/core -I/home/Risco/Cxx/ComputerVision/VXL/vxl/vcl/config.stlport.win32-vc60/ -I/home/Risco/Cxx/ComputerVision/VXL/dbg/vcl/ -I/home/Risco/Cxx/ComputerVision/VXL/dbg/core -L/home/Risco/Cxx/ComputerVision/VXL/dbg/lib -lvcl -lvcsl -lvil -lvil_algo -lvil_io -lvimt -lvimt_algo

which compiles ok. However, when i try to run it i get the following error:
error while loading shared libraries: libvcl.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
This error seems to occur for all the libraries.

Thank you in advance

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