Hello,I downloaded vxl(vxl-1.10.0) and built it successfully through CMake(CMake2.4), the compiler I used is MSVC2005.
Later, I copyed the code from "...../vxl-1.10.0-doc/core/vgui/html/index.html",as follows, and began to compile it. But I couldn't find the file"vgui/vgui_viewer2D.h" from "$VXLSRC\vxl-1.10.0\core\vgui" and the library "vgui.lib" from  "$VXLBin\lib\release".
Thank you,Regards!
Yanli Li
Buaa Unversity, Beijing,China
* #include <vgui/vgui.h>
* #include <vgui/vgui_image_tableau.h>
* #include <vgui/vgui_viewer2D.h>
* int main(int argc, char **argv)
* {
*   vgui::init(argc, argv);
*   vgui_image_tableau_new image("my-image.jpg");
*   vgui_viewer2D_new viewer(image);
*   return vgui::run(viewer, image->width(), image->height());
* }