It looks like Borland uses "atoi64" ...
0% pwd
0% grep -i 'atoi.*64' * */*
fwcommon.h:// Required since TCHAR.H defines _ttoi64 -> atoi64, which requires oldnames.lib, which
fwcommon.h:#define atoi64 _atoi64
math.h:__int64     _RTLENTRY _EXPFUNC   _atoi64(const char * __s);
math.h:    using std::_atoi64;
stdlib.h:__int64       _RTLENTRY _EXPFUNC _atoi64(const char * __s);
stdlib.h:     using std::_atoi64;
tchar.h:#define _ttoi64         _atoi64
It only takes 1 argument, so you'll have to forego some error checking and base-setting.
As far as the link errors go (item 2), will they be fixed when BCC can compile vil_nitf2_typed_field_formatter.cxx?  That's the file that needs atoi64.
Fred Wheeler
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Subject: [Vxl-maintainers] Win2k_bcc-5.5.1_MinSizeRel build

Hi all,
After many iterations, the vil_nitf2 classes are compiling just fine on most platforms/compilers.  I am having some trouble with the Win2k_bcc-5.5.1_MinSizeRel configuration ( though.  There seem to be two general issues:
1) Does it have a function that can convert a string (char*) to a 64 bit integer (ie. 64 bit version of strtol()).  strtoll() is the most common function for this but MSVC uses a function named _strtoi64().  Neither work for the Borland compiler.  Does anyone know what the alternative is?  I've also heard of some platforms using atoi64(), but haven't tried this one out yet. 
2) I'm seeing a bunch of link errors with functions declared in vil_nitf2_typed_field_formatter subclasses.  As far as I can tell (and as far as the other compilers can tell), these functions are defined in vil_nitf2_typed_field_formatter.cxx.  Any ideas.
Thank you for the help.