How long has this been going on?
The CVS server prevents two people from accessing the same directory at the same time with these lock files.  If you have to wait for someone else's lock, usually it is only for a few seconds.  It is possible to have a "stale lock", which is a lock that is not removed.  When that happens we can get SourceForge to fix it.  I tend to have a lot of locks because I have about 8 continuous dashboard builds that check for updates about every 20 minutes.
I was just able to update the whole VXL tree without running into a lock.  So perhaps the lock you note is gone now.
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From: Bjorn Van Genechten []
Sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2006 5:42 AM
To: Wheeler, Frederick W (GE, Research)
Subject: Problem getting the latest vxl from cvs

Dear Sir,

I am trying to get the latest version of vxl form the cvs but at a certain point I get the following message :
…. Waiting for fred_wheeler's lock in /cvsroot/vxl/vxl/contrib/brl/bbas/bgui/templates

Is it possible to solve this problem ?

Thank you;

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