Hi Lianqing,

I think your solution is good enough for now.  A better solution is to detect pthread automatically with CMake try_compile function and record the result in, say, vcl_config_headers.h


On Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 11:30 AM, YuLianqing <yulq@live.cn> wrote:

Hi all,

Starting from today, I will submit new builds on SGI Irix platform (OS version 6.5, MIPSpro 7.4.2). As expected, there are numerous build errors (please check the build name Irix-6.5_MIPSpro-7.4.2 on vxl dashboard).
I managed to tackle the first error (compiler output listed below) today and found that the issue results from the absence of definition of vcl_atomic_count.
In detail, in $VXL_SOURCE_ROOT/vcl/vcl_atomic_count.h, no head file in which vcl_atomic_count is defined is included on SGI. I guess MIPSpro supports pthread implementation as pthread.h exists in /usr/include. If the following line is added to vcl_atomic_count.h, then this build error can be eliminated:
#elif defined(sgi)
#include "internal/vcl_atomic_count_pthreads.h"

However, I am not sure if this solution is OK. I would like to know your opinions and welcome better advice on this issue. Thanks.

Lianqing Yu

Compiler output:
cc-1020 CC: ERROR File = /.../vxl-1.14.0/vcl/tests/test_atomic_count.cxx, Line = 10
 The identifier "vcl_atomic_count" is undefined.
   vcl_atomic_count c(0);
cc-1020 CC: ERROR File = /.../vxl-1.14.0/vcl/tests/test_atomic_count.cxx, Line = 44
 The identifier "vcl_atomic_count" is undefined.
   vcl_atomic_count d(1);
2 errors detected in the compilation of "/.../vxl-1.14.0/vcl/tests/test_atomic_count.cxx".

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