Thanks a lot, the problem on my xp 32 system is that, it does not run a 64bit exe, that is why it fails
the problem on my win7 x64 was due to a recent installation of x64 support, which removed the vc sp1 runtime library, hence the exe can not run either. I just reinstall vc2008 sp1, the problem is gone

Thanks for helping out, I did not know how to check cmake error


On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 2:07 PM, Ian Scott <> wrote:

You'll need to Debug the CMake process.

$BIN_DIR/CMAKEFILES/CMakeError.log might tell you something - search for VCL_CHAR_IS_SIGNED, and other failed CMake tests.

You can also hand compile the platform tests, see $VXL_SRC/config/cmake/vxl_platform_tests.cxx. Try compiling it with -D VCL_CHAR_IS_SIGNED, to see what the compiler errors, warnings or run-time results you get.

It should be fairly obvious what screws up.


On 01/03/2011 18:53, simon L wrote:
Hi, Lan

Thanks for your reply, sorry I did not include the compiling error, I
believe due to the cmake error I post, it causes the following problem

#define VXL_HAS_INT_8 0
#define VXL_INT_8_STRING "void"
#if 0
  typedef          void  vxl_int_8;
  typedef   signed void  vxl_sint_8;
  typedef unsigned void  vxl_uint_8;
# define vxl_int_8   void
# define vxl_sint_8  void
# define vxl_uint_8  void

You can see that vxl_int_8 are all defined to void, which causes
compiling error almost everywhere whenever vxl_int_8 and other similar
types are used. I have visual studio 2008 sp1 installed.


On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 12:43 AM, Ian Scott <
<>> wrote:

   Why do you think there is a problem? This looks like reports of
   compiler characteristics. You only need to worry about CMake problem
   if it explicitly tells you there is a problem.

   On the other hand, I'm running CMake 1.6.4, and "Visual Studio 9
   2008 Win64", and I get:

   -- Performing Test VCL_CHAR_IS_SIGNED
   -- Performing Test VCL_CHAR_IS_SIGNED - Success
   -- Looking for 8-bit int. [Checking char...]
   -- Looking for 8-bit int. Found char.
   -- Looking for 8-bit int. [Checking short...]

   -- Looking for 8-bit int. [Checking char...]
   -- Looking for 8-bit int. Found char.

   So your values may not be right, but you haven't reported any actual
   error yet.


   On 28/02/2011 23:35, simon L wrote:

       Hi, Sorry if this question has been asked, I did not find the answer
       after doing search on the archive

       Here is my problem, I have cmake 2.8.1 windows, visual studio
       2008 sp1
       I downloaded vxl 1.14.0 downloaded

       I chose "visual studion 9 2008 win64" generator
       I saw the following message

       ...Performing Test VCL_CHAR_IS_SIGNED

       Performing Test VCL_CHAR_IS_SIGNED - Failed

       Looking for 8-bit int. [Checking char...]

       Looking for 8-bit int. *Not found*.

       Looking for 8-bit int. [Checking short...]

       Looking for 8-bit int. [Checking char...]

       Looking for 8-bit int. *Not found*.

       If I choose win32, it is fine, can anyone tell me what might be
       wrong here?
       I tried this on both xp 32 system and win7 x64 system, got
       exactly same
       error, the win6

       Thanks a lot in advance, I have been struggling with this
       problem for
       two days.


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