Hey all,

I'm trying to compile the development branch of VXL (checked out from the SVN repository), on an Ubuntu 10.10 system with g++ 4.4.5 and cmake 2.8.2. I'm getting a rather odd error:

In file included from vxl/trunk/core/vgui/vgui_soview2D.h:30,
                 from vxl/trunk/contrib/brl/bbas/bgui/bgui_vsol_soview2D.h:34,
                 from vxl/trunk/contrib/brl/bbas/bwm/algo/bwm_soview2D_vertex.h:6,
                 from vxl/trunk/contrib/brl/bbas/bwm/algo/../bwm_observer_img.h:9,
                 from vxl/trunk/contrib/brl/bbas/bwm/algo/../bwm_observer_vgui.h:7,
                 from vxl/trunk/contrib/brl/bbas/bwm/algo/../bwm_observer_cam.h:6,
                 from vxl/trunk/contrib/brl/bbas/bwm/algo/bwm_plane_fitting_lsf.h:16,
                 from vxl/trunk/contrib/brl/bbas/bwm/algo/bwm_plane_fitting_lsf.cxx:1:
vxl/trunk/core/vgui/vgui_gl.h:7: fatal error: vgui/vgui_config.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

I looked under vgui, and the compiler is correct, I don't have a vgui_config.h, but I do have a vgui_config.h.in, whose comments say that vgui_config.h is created from the vgui configuration process. How do I go about generating this file? I initially configured the system by creating a directory called vxl_bin and ran cmake VXLSOURCE inside that directory. Did I miss a step?