Hi all,

I was wondering if I am interpreting correctly that VXL reshapes a vnl_vector to be a row or column vector depending on the situation?

For example, with the following setup:

  vnl_matrix<double> A(3,3);
  vnl_vector<double> v(3);
  v(0) = 1; v(1) = 0; v(2) = 0;


  std::cout << A*v << std::endl; // 3x3 times 3x1


  std::cout << v*A << std::endl; // 3x1 times 3x3, so it seems to auto-adjust to make it a 1x3 times 3x3

Is there a way to force it to be one orientation or the other? 

I am trying to do

x^T A x

so should I just do 

x * A * x ?