In the past there have been cards for which the refine process hasn't worked properly. A work around is to update using your GPU, but refine using your CPU. Refining in the CPU is plenty fast so performance is not a major issue


On Oct 11, 2012, at 2:57 PM, Joseph McGlinchy wrote:

Hello vxl-users,
I am seeing an issue with the refine() function from the boxm2_adaptor python scripts, using OCL processing. I didnít have this problem before, so I am not sure if is something to do with my graphics card or not. I have recently had my graphics card swapped out for a new one (NVIDIA Quadro 4000), installed the current driver, and re-compiled VXL. There are no failed projects, everything builds ok. There are ~4000 warnings, though, mainly related to conversion between data types and possible loss of data (a lot of which are in the ocl libraries). Again, not sure if this is part of the problem.
Anyway, I see the following error in the middle of running my model update, with the following error:
I have also included the output of the process in log.txt, attached.
Any insight would be wonderful! The dataset I have been using as a test set has shown no issues in the past, until recently.  Again, the crash is occurring somewhere in the refine() method.
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