the file core/vidl/vidl_ffmpeg_codec.cxx uses the FFMPEG function img_convert, but that function may not always be available depending on the FFMPEG version (newer FFMPEG versions have only the function sws_scale, which does what img_convert does). in my computer, for example, I have FFMPEG 0.5 and VXL fails to compile. why not use macroes to decide which version of FFMPEG is installed and solve this problem? the file contrib/brl/bbas/vidl2/vidl2_ffmpeg_convert.cxx already does that:

#if LIBAVCODEC_BUILD < ((52<<16)+(10<<8)+0)  // before ver 52.10.0
  if ( img_convert( &out_pic, out_fmt, &in_pic, in_fmt, ni, nj ) < 0 )
    return false;
  SwsContext* ctx = sws_getContext( ni, nj, in_fmt,
                                    ni, nj, out_fmt,
                                    NULL, NULL, NULL );
  sws_scale( ctx,
             in_pic.data, in_pic.linesize,
             0, nj,
             out_pic.data, out_pic.linesize );
  sws_freeContext( ctx );

Crístian Deives dos Santos Viana [aka CD1]
Sent from Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil