Hi Matthew,

I was using the latest revision, but I looked at the changelogs and I found out that they removed rtp_mode on February last year. And I don't know ow useful is this rtp_mode field, I'm only talking about it because it stopped my compilation.

Now I downgraded FFmpeg to revision 11322 and FFmpeg/libswscale to revision 25485 and VXL compiled fine. The revision number was a nice information for me, maybe it could be written in some README, or INSTALL. The current FFmpeg revision breaks VXL in several places (the function img_convert still exists, but it was removed from avcodec.h; some constants, like CODEC_FLAG_H263P_AIC, don't exist anymore; and so on...). It's hard to guess what's the "right" revision to use. Whenever I use a new computer and I have to download and compile FFmpeg and VXL, I face these problems :( But from now on I'll checkout only this specific revision of FFmpeg (while VXL doesn't package it into v3p). I hope I won't disturb you anymore about FFmpeg.


Crístian Deives dos Santos Viana [aka CD1]
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