I was compiling VXL (again) and I noticed that the files contrib/brl/bbas/vidl2/vidl2_ffmpeg_ostream_v[1,2].txx use the field AVCodecContext.rtp_mode, from FFmpeg. This field was deprecated for some time, and since last year it's beem removed from the repository code. I'm aware of the discussion about the FFmpeg continuous API changes, but the rtp_mode field it's not even used in VXL! I did a grep on all the files, and only those two files mention rtp_mode, and they only set its value to 1. The field is deprecated and no file is really using it, so why keep these lines?

video_enc->rtp_mode= 1;

The downside of having them is because VXL may not compile, if the FFmpeg version is [not so] recent.

See ya!

Crístian Deives dos Santos Viana [aka CD1]
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