Hi VXLers!

As some of you may have noticed, FFmpeg has made some changes in its API: the header files are now in separate directories (not in a single "ffmpeg" directory), some functions don't exist anymore, as well as other things I'm not aware of :)

VXL uses an old version of FFmpeg, so it doesn't compile with the latest version (which contains the changes I mentioned above). First error is that it can't find the FFmpeg header files. I created a directory "ffmpeg" and copied all the header files to there, and it "solved" this problem. But then there's the second error: the function "img_convert" (used somewhere I don't remember right now) doesn't exist anymore - this function is marked as deprecated in the header file, and it's not implemented at all. They suggest the use of the functions "swscale", but now I don't know how to workaround this problem, I never used FFmpeg directly.

So I was wondering why VXL doesn't use the latest version of FFmpeg, as it is supposedly better. And besides, I use some programs which depend on newer versions of FFmpeg, and I have to install multiple versions of FFmpeg on my system. Today I downloaded the CVS version of VXL, and it still uses an older version of FFmpeg.

See ya!

Crístian Deives dos Santos Viana [aka CD1]
Google Talk: cristiandeives@gmail.com