Hi All,

This used to work for me, so I’m not sure what’s wrong.  When painting a model, I set the apm to "boxm2_gauss_rgb." I then update the appearance only as follows:


               exp_img = scene.render(exp_cam, exp_ni, exp_nj)

               expected_fname = update_image_dir + '/pass_%03d_frame_%03d.png' % (it,idx)



At vil_adaptor.save_image(…), Python crashes giving me: ERROR: input_data_[0] == NULL.  I don’t know why this is happening now, as it used to work in previous versions. Also, I don’t think that exp_img is NULL as I track it in Python and Python shows that it’s not NULL.  I’m inclined to think that it has to do with setting the apm to “boxm2_gauss_rgb”, but have not verified that yet. Has anyone run into this problem in the more recent versions of VXL?  Any insight into what the problem might be?