I have committed a fix for Sean's error on Mac OS. 
I'll try to add my Mac OS machine to the dashboard by the end of the weekend. The reason why the other current Mac builds on the dashboard don't report errors is because CMake doesn't find all required libraries to build BRL. Since, I'm a BRL developer, my machine will build those libraries.


On Jun 8, 2012, at 7:19 PM, YULianqing wrote:

Then what about the compiler error you mentioned in your mails. Is it fixed? I have no Mac machine and cannot replicate your errors. I notice the Mac-lang builds on VXL dashboard are OK. Is there any difference between the checkouted source and exported source?

Lianqing Yu 
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> Subject: Re: [Vxl-maintainers] [Vxl-users] VXL 1.17.0 Release Candicate 2 is available
> Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 19:08:52 -0400
> On Sat, 9 Jun 2012 06:58:05 +0800, YULianqing said:
> >Hi Gehua and Sean, First of all, thanks for Gehua's help. Does Gehua's
> >method fix your issue, Sean? I notice there are two submissions from
> >Rogue Research and both of them are error-free.
> Yes, because I've disabled those warnings.
> >If Gehua's method works, do you think it's necessary to submit a
> >patch to vxl repository for this issue?
> I believe the ITK folks have fixed these warnings. Has anyone looked ITK's version of vxl? There are likely many useful fixes to merge.
> Cheers,
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