Have a look at core/vidl/CMakeLists.txt:
The file vidl_ffmpeg_ostream_stub.txx (which has this warning message) is compiled in only when CMake did not find FFMPEG (i.e., FFMPEG_FOUND not set).
Verify your CMakeCache.txt file (in the build tree) for lines starting with FFMPEG and possibly point CMake manually to the FFMPEG libraries (avcodec, avformat, ...) and include files (ffmpeg/avcodec.h, avformat.h, swscale.h).

-- Peter.

--- Den fre 2010-06-25 skrev Sushant Kadadi <sushant.co.in@gmail.com>:

Getting this message when I try an example for video streaming.

"vidl_ffmpeg_ostream: warning: ffmpeg support is not compiled in"

The program doesnt give the output.
Any suggestions are welcome.