I'd like to formally announce that VXL has migrated from Subversion to Git for source code version control.  We are continuing to use SourceForge for hosting, mailing lists, and other services.

If you were previously accessing the VXL Subversion repository for development snapshots, please follow the instructions on the wiki link below to get your source code from the Git repository instead.  The previous Subversion repository will remain active (read-only) for some time, but will not receive any further changes.

The Git repository is now open for development for active VXL maintainers to contribute changes.  In the short term, our development and release process is not expected to change dramatically.  However, as VXL maintainers become more accustomed to Git, we expect to enhance our workflow for an easier and more stable release process.  We also hope to encourage more outside developers (without VXL write access) to contribute changes back to VXL through code sharing and code review services like GitHub.  Stay tuned for more updates.

VXL Git instructions: http://sourceforge.net/p/vxl/wiki/Git/

Matt Leotta