800 blocks is a very large number blocks. We don't usually export scenes that large (I usually work with ~50 blocks). Although, there could be leaks in the code, perhaps the reason for the long exporting time is that with 800 blocks you'll end up writing a huge PLY ascii file. How large is the file output file?
You may want to export points only with very high probability. You could play with the code to export smaller sections of the scene. How much RAM do you have? How big are the scene .bin files?


On May 16, 2012, at 2:29 PM, Gregory Brunner wrote:

I exported a PLY file from a boxm2 model using "boxm2ExtractPointCloudProcess" and "boxm2ExportOrientedPointCloudProcess". As it passed over the blocks, it appeared that the process got slower.  My model had ~800 blocks and exporting a PLY file took ~8 hours.  I just  thought it was suspicious that the process appeared to slow down as it traversed the blocks.  Could there perhaps be a memory leak somewhere in these routines? 
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