Dear Peter:

       thanks. I have solved the problems with your help:)


On 9/16/07, Peter Vanroose <> wrote:
> unresolved external symbol _v3p_netlib_dsvdc_
> referenced in function "vnl_linpack_svdc(...)"

> unresolved external symbol _v3p_netlib_initialize
> referenced in function "v3p_netlib_initializer::v3p_netlib_initializer()"

Both error messages indicate that you are missing a library that implements functions whose names start with "_v3p_netlib_"
Reading the vnl manual (chapter 6 of the vxl book, see, you will find out that (citing)
"The numerical algorithms in vnl_algo are wrappers around
public-domain, high quality Fortran code from the netlib
So the solution to your problem most probably boils down to just adding " netlib.lib" to your dependency list.
The "netlib" source is to be found in the vxl hierarchy under "v3p", the 3rd party software repository.

When using CMake as your development tool, it will automatically add all necessary dependencies in the .dsp files it generates.

--    Peter.

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