it works now, thank you so much !

On 8/21/07, Peter Vanroose <> wrote:
> $  g++ -o example_matrix_operation
>    example_matrix_operation.cpp
>    -L/usr/local/lib -lvnl -lvnl_algo -lvcl -lv3p_netlib
> libvnl_algo.a(vnl_real_eigensystem.o): undefined reference to
> `vnl_fortran_copy<double>::vnl_fortran_copy'

Since your libraries are static ones (libvnl.a etc., not
the linking order is important.

Since you link with -lvnl first, and then -lvnl_algo,
everything in vnl_algo that needs functions from libvnl.a will give

So it suffices to re-order the libraries to make this working:
-lvnl_algo -lvnl -lv3p_netlib -lvcl

vxl has been conciously designed to have no back-and-forth references
between libraries; also, the "level one" libraries (vnl, vil, vgl, vul,
vbl) are guaranteed to need nothing else but vcl.

--      Peter.


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