Amitha Perera wrote:
On Tue 16 May 2006, Simon Perkins wrote:
Has anyone built VNL (I don't need the rest of VXL) for Win64? CMake 
creates the 64-bit project files OK, but the compile fails. The first 
problem is that the Visual Studio x64 compiler doesn't support the _asm 

Is there a pre-processor way to figure out if the platform is Win64?
Do you know if the assembly code there will work on, say, Win32 on a
64-bit processor? It'd be easy enough to incorporate whatever changes
are necessary to make it work.

For 64-bit applications, both _WIN32 and _WIN64 are defined by the visual studio compiler. I think in general, the assembler instructions will work fine under 64-bit windows, as long as the application is compiled in 32-bit mode. If the 64-bit compiler is used hower, the _asm keyword is not recognized.

In fact I've used a version of VNL that I compiled on 32-bit windows on my 64-bit windows machine, no problem.

Are you in a position where you can afford about 2 hrs computation
time on that machine nightly? If so, perhaps you'd be willing to
contribute to the VXL dashboard, and then we can make sure that Win64
is a supported platform. I realize you only need vnl, but it'd be nice
if everything else worked too.

If it's relatively straightforward to set up then I'd be happy to do that. Note that my machine is behind a firewall that blocks most outgoing (as well as incoming) connections, except for port 80, if that's an issue...