Submitting a build to the dashboard

Contents: [CTest from the Command Line]   [CTest Script]   [Caveats]  

Dashboard Nightly Build

  1. We assume you already have a recent version of CMake from KitWare to build VXL. You need CTest, which is part of the CMake distribution.
  2. Checkout the VXL source tree into $VXLSRC. Checking out as anonymous is fine. Due to CTest implementation details, it is easiest if each build is in it's own source tree.
  3. Create the binary directory $VXLBIN.
  4. Run the initial CMake:
    cd $VXLBIN && cmake $VXLSRC
  5. Run the nightly test from $VXLBIN:
    ctest -D Nightly

Scripting with CTest


  1. Useful options and tricks ...
  2. Such as ... Clean the binary directory:
    cd $VXLBIN && make clean
    or, even cleaner,
    rm -rf $VXLBIN/* && cd $VXLBIN && cmake -DDART_ROOT:PATH=$DART $VXLSRC

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