Thanks for your three messages (!).

> Peter Vanroose wrote:
> This should be #include <vcl_string.h>
> Apart from that, I suppose your setup should work.
OK, now it finds the header file  "vcl_string.h", but it doesn't find  "vbl_arg.h".
> Amitha Perera wrote:
> There is no vbl/vbl_arg.h in the CVS version. 

... But it seems to me that the file core/vbl/vbl_arg.h exists in the CVS version
and not in the 1.0-beta2-fix1 version... ?!?

> Amitha Perera wrote:
> The functions are in vul/vul_arg.h
> here is a "movement" to replace vil with vil2. The vil2 version would
> look very similar, except that you'd replace vil_image with
> vil2_image_base_sptr and vil_memory_image_of<T> with vil_image_view<T>
> TARGET_LINK_LIBRARIES( myex vil vbl_arg vcl)                                
>  	       			^^^^^^^
> You mean "vul", not "vbl_arg", right?
I tried to make the changes you mention, but the project still won't compile.
Apparently everything in the code has to be changed...
(When using vil2_image_view<T> instead of vil_image.
What a pain.
I don't mind using the beta2 or the CVS version, I was merely trying
 to compile the example source code *that is given on the VXL web page*.
Wouldn't it be possible to update this example file on the VXL web page
to include these changes and a suitable CmakeLists.txt file ???

> Fred Wheeler wrote:
> Check out Appendix B of the VXL book.
I already looked at it, that's how I came up with a cmake file...
My suggestion would be to put a complete example, up to date,
with the CMakeLists.txt file, the version of VXL to use with it
and everything needed to work it.