I am sorry for the delay to reply this mail as I am very busy with the application. I favour to change the code because one will get the wrong calibration and motion if she uses the original code. This has been verified in my research.
Since sourceforge.net has been blocked in China(I can't access it and download the source code any longer), so Peter, Can you synchronize vxl mirror site at Kuleuven please?

Peter Vanroose wrote:
PMatrixDecompCR(oxl/mvl) decomposes a projection matrix P into the form
P = K [R t] where K is upper triangular and R is a rotation.
However, it only guarantees that K(0,0)>0 and K(2,2)=1 and not K(1,1)>0,
which should be the focal length in y coordinate axis.

If nobody objects, I will change the source code to guarantee
K(1,1) >= 0, which as you point out is easily done by just changing
the sign of a few output values.



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