The relevant lines in CMakeCache.txt relating to GTK are:

//Where can one of the gdk or gdk12 libraries be found
//What is the path where the file glib.h can be found
//Where can one of the glib or glib12 libraries be found
//What is the path where the file glibconfig.h can be found
//Where can one of the gmodule or gmodule12 libraries be found
//What is the path where the file gtk/gtk.h can be found
//Where can one of the gtk or gtk12 libraries be found
//What is the path where the file gtkgl/gtkglarea.h can be found
//Where can the gtkgl library be found
//Set if vgui has GTK
I change the last line into:
and redo the make. However, that line restore to 
after make.
I use GNOME as my default desktop and choose laptop installation during installing Redhat 7.3 so I think gtk RPMs should be configured correctly. I install nVIDIA driver to get my X server to work and they say that driver will change my OpenGL library files.
  I wonder if those lines are correct and how to make the configuration take effect before redo the make.
I appreciate your further help!

Amitha Perera wrote:
I received the following error message:
// -----------------------------------------------------
vgui: registered

Normally, this line would list the toolkits that are available. In
your case, there are none.

I check the vgui/impl/ directory and find only in X directory is there a 
.so file
(, I switch the parameter to --factory=X and got the same 

I believe that libvgui_X is not a toolkit by itself, but is rather
just supporting code for vgui_glut and vgui_gtk and others.

Do you have glut, or better, GTK on your system? Edit your
CMakeCache.txt and set the GTK paths to the correct paths to your
installation. You mentioned Red Hat: if you install from a typical gtk
RPM, CMake will probably find GTK all by itself.


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