In the past I've primarily used KDevelop3 on Ubuntu. However, I just use it as an editor, debugger, and front end to Make. That is, I tell CMake to build a Make project, not a KDevelop3 project. Then I create a KDevelop project that refers to the VXL build directory. The advantage is you get a fast load time and can easily build the same project from both the command line and the IDE. You still get color coded errors and warnings that link back to the source code. The debugger is also a pretty decent front end to gdb. The only downside I'm aware of when not building a KDevelop3 project with CMake is that you don't get full code completion. For me the flexibility of command line compiling is more important.

I'm currently trying to transition to KDevelop4. It looks very promising with nice CMake integration, but I agree that it is buggy and missing many features.