Hi, all:

Sorry for my newbie questions. Hope this won't disturb you.

I'm trying to build current VTK cvs (wondering why there is no svn or git support ?? ), say VTK cvs 12/09/2009 .

However, I really wanna make myself understood of all the meanings of configuration parameters before I go on for compilation.
So, I enumerate some of the doubtful parameters down here, and a detailed explanation is extremely expected.

   OFF                         // what is HP_PTHREADS ??  It seems there are several types of pthreads.
CMAKE_USE_SPROC                  OFF                           // yes, sorry, till now, I've got no idea what is SPROC ? what for? See this many times in various packages

// using Ubuntu 9.10, it looks like VTK only supports FFMPEG <= 0.5. the default FFMPEG in current Ubuntu 9.10 now doesn't afford an single "include" directory.

// why FFMPEG_dc1394 and FFMPEG_dts?  I installed libdc1394-22-dev , but it seems this has nothing to do with FFMPEG ???

// Couldn't find any package related to MEMORYCHECK ? which package is required for this package?

// strange tha under Ubuntu 9.10, this can not be found.
All mesa related packages have been installed including

Only except package "libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev". However, if I tick this up, package "ubuntu-desktop" will be removed, as well as some conflicted mesa packages listed above.
So, what is "OPENGL_xmesa_INCLUDE_DIR" for?

// In fact, I installed libproj-dev from current Ubuntu 9.10 repository. But,

 PROJ_USE_GSL                     OFF
 PROJ_USE_PTHREADS                OFF
// What are these three choices for? If I picked ON for any of the three, I will obtain the following error message:
 CMake Error at Utilities/vtklibproj4/CMakeLists.txt:28 (message):
   You may not define both PROJ_LIST_EXTERNAL and BUILD_SHARED_LIBS.  Turn one
   off and re-run CMake.
Therefore, it's better I turn off these 3 choices right?

 VERDICT_BUILD_DOC                OFF
 VERDICT_MANGLE                   ON
 VERDICT_USE_FLOAT                OFF
// What are VERDICT for? Always meet this in many packages.  Something is even more strange. If I enable "VERDICT_ENABLE_TESTING           ON", after the configuration, it will be automatically change back to "VERDICT_ENABLE_TESTING           OFF" !!! Amazing.... The same thing happens to "VERDICT_USE_FLOAT                OFF" as well.

// what is this for? It seems nothing is related with this choice in Ubuntu 9.10?

 X11_XTest_LIB                    X11_XTest_LIB-NOTFOUND
 X11_Xaccessrules_INCLUDE_PATH    X11_Xaccessrules_INCLUDE_PATH-NOTFOUND
// Strange that in ubuntu 9.10, these 2 packages are not able to be found. What are these 2 packages for?

Finally, I really hope all VTK_  settings can be carefully explained because all these parameters are specifically for VTK !!
Here, I enumerate all I'm interested in as follows:

// what is LARGE_DATA?  is it VTKData? My directory tree is just like
some folder
----------- VTK
----------- VTKData
How should I arrange these 2 directories "VTK" and "VTKData"?

VTK_LEGACY_REMOVE                OFF
 VTK_LEGACY_SILENT                OFF
// What are VTK_LEGACY for?

// what is OSMESA? what's the relationship between opengl and osmesa?

 VTK_TESTING_USE_FPE              ON
// what does FPE refer to??
// what does LOCALE refer to?

// As you may see above, FFMPEG_INCLUDE_DIR               FFMPEG_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND , so it's better for me to turn off VTK_USE_FFMPEG_ENCODER  .

// OPENGL_xmesa_INCLUDE_DIR         OPENGL_xmesa_INCLUDE_DIR-NOTFOUND , so it seems i'd better turn off VTK_USE_MANGLED_MESA

// This seems to be specific for vtkmpeg2encode, right?
which one should be installed first? vtk or vtkmpeg2encode? why not afford a standard installation for vtkmpeg2encode?  Or just integrate VTK and vtkmpeg2encode??

 VTK_USE_TDX                      ON
// What is TDX for?
// What is TEXT_ANALYSIS for?

 VTK_USE_VOLUMEPRO_1000           OFF
// What is VOLUMEPRO_1000?

Hope anybody can afford a detailed explanation on all the above VTK configuration settings.

What's more...
Compilation error message on TDX as follows.

Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:23:54: error: xdrvlib.h: No such file or directory 
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx: In member function ‘void vtkTDxUnixDevice::Initialize()’:                                                                                                          
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:123: error: ‘MagellanInit’ was not declared in this scope                                                                                                           
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx: In member function ‘virtual void vtkTDxUnixDevice::Close()’:                                                                                                       
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:139: error: ‘MagellanClose’ was not declared in this scope                                                                                                          
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx: In member function ‘bool vtkTDxUnixDevice::ProcessEvent(const XEvent*)’:                                                                                           
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:160: error: ‘MagellanFloatEvent’ was not declared in this scope                                                                                                     
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:160: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘info’             
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:164: error: ‘info’ was not declared in this scope  
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:166: error: ‘MagellanTranslateEvent’ was not declared in this scope                                                                                                 
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:177: error: ‘MagellanInputMotionEvent’ was not declared in this scope                                                                                               
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:179: error: ‘MagellanRemoveMotionEvents’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:180: error: ‘MagellanX’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:181: error: ‘MagellanY’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:186: error: ‘MagellanZ’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:188: error: ‘MagellanA’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:189: error: ‘MagellanB’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:192: error: ‘MagellanC’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:211: error: ‘MagellanInputButtonPressEvent’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:218: error: ‘MagellanInputButtonReleaseEvent’ was not declared in this scope
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx: In member function ‘void vtkTDxUnixDevice::SetSensitivity(double)’:
/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/Rendering/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx:243: error: ‘MagellanApplicationSensitivity’ was not declared in this scope
make[2]: *** [Rendering/CMakeFiles/vtkRendering.dir/vtkTDxUnixDevice.cxx.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/build'
make[1]: *** [Rendering/CMakeFiles/vtkRendering.dir/all] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jiapei/Tools/CV/vtk/VTK/build'
make: *** [all] Error 2

What is TDX for? and where about can I find TDX related package under Ubuntu 9.10?

Hope anybody can give me a detailed explanation about this please....

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