Dear Amrith Perera,
  My name is S. Hassan Amin , I work as PhD student in
VIP group at Imperial College London. I have used VXL
to write my PCA and LDA algorithms for 2D face
recognition. I just know of one other person , who is
using VXL in my department. I plan to use VXL for
implementing classification , image analysis related
algorithms. Other libraries that I plan to use are ITK
(Image Registration Toolkit) and VTK(Visualization
  I mostly work in windows 2000 in my lab , and on
windows xp home edition on my laptop in Visual Studio
.Net 2003 environment.
  If I could be of any help , please let me know , I
would be glad to contribute to the group in any way ,
I can .


S. Hassan Amin


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