Now why didn't I think of that... Thanks.
--Gerald Dalley

From: Geoffrey Cross []
Sent: Saturday, 13 March 2004 8:19 AM
Cc: 'Gerald Dalley'
Subject: RE: [Vxl-users] Plotting and VGUI


AFAIK there are no nice and easy graph plotting applications outside of matlab.  There are definitely no nice ways of plotting graphs under VXL.


However, I’ve found that the best development / research environment is to implement algorithms in VXL and interface to them from within matlab (mex).  So then all graph plotting, testing and prototyping is done from within matlab, whilst I gain the benefits (fast numerics, image handling…) of VXL when writing my algorithms.  It’s also relatively quick to create an executable once I want a deliverable.





From: [] On Behalf Of Gerald Dalley
Sent: 12 March 2004 23:05
Subject: [Vxl-users] Plotting and VGUI


I've been using matlab for quite a while because of the ease in rapid prototyping and good plotting support, but I'm interested in picking up VXL again (I used it a few years ago).  Does anyone know of a relatively painless way of being able to have plotting abilities like matlab with VXL?  I'd like to do things like make line plots, scatter plots, bar graphs, etc. with axes and tick marks and legends.


--Gerald Dalley